Introducing Sealand Gear Ambassador Sacha Specker

Sealand Gear Ambassador Sacha Specker
Surfer, bodyboarder, traveler, photographer and survivor. Time to see what makes Spex tick.

  Sealand Gear Ambassador Sacha Specker

"Why not use what has already been used as does not need to be brand new"
Photo credit_ Ayesha Specker


These days life is pretty busy. What is your general approach to life?

There could be 1000 different answers for this question. As time goes on, my approach to life changes. For now I am happy with the simple things, trying to make my passion my career spend as much time outdoors and in the water, earn enough money to get by and afford all the things I need. Every day the sun will come out and the sun will go down again so why not spend my time smiling as much as possible. Give of good energy, focusing on the positive aspects, worrying less about the past and the future, do my best to be present in the current moment.


Silhouette of Sealand Gear ambassador Sacha Specker about to enter the water

The outdoor office Spex finds himself drawn to on a daily basis. Photo credit_ Ayesha Specker


How has your job as photographer molded your life?

I see beautiful images in the places you least expect. It gives a whole new appreciation for the world around us. Photography has made me realize how many incredible moments pass us by every day. It has made me grateful for the experiences I have had and even more so to be able to capture some of them.


Birds flying over a wave at sunset


What did the recent shark encounter ( do to your outlook on life?

The shark encounter has given me a sense of humility and at the same time I feel exceptionally lucky to have had the opportunity to see this apex predator so close and in a completely non aggressive way, cross my path and move on as though it never intended to harm. I know this is not always the case, hence the feeling of gratitude and joy.


What, if anything, is wrong with the world right now?

There is nothing wrong with the world. It is beautifully perfect. It is the approach us humans have to managing it in favour of our own benefit and lifestyle of excess and pretense.


If you could change one thing, what would it be, however big?

I feel it would be awesome if each person no matter how big or small in society could be made aware of their impact and actions on the planet and others. Allowing them to grow a conscience, making them more conscious and therefore more responsible as individuals and as a whole, to take what they need and not be fuelled by greed.


What do you dream about?

If I eat a lot of cheese, scary dreams creep in, otherwise it’s a fair bit of cameraporn, waveporn and a lot of crazy outdoor adventures


How do you feel about the recycle/upcycle world?

I love the idea. It is something we should all make room for. Why not use what has already been used as does not need to be brand new? It is something we should all feel morally obliged to do. 


What is the best thing about surfing?

It brings joy! No matter if you are in a bad mood or had a tough day, going for a quick surf can bring you back to smiles and positive thinking. It's healthy and clean way to spend your time. Not too many of these options around these days.


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Wave photographed from underwater with coral reef and fish

Crystal Clear Wave at Sunset

Stars while Camping

Whale Shark swimming



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