Two Brands, One Vision

Two Brands, One Vision
by: Sealand
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We’re stoked to release our collaboration with 30South on a range of co-branded sunglasses. Three distinctively stylish, 100% recycled frames have been meticulously crafted to not only elevate your look but also enhance your active lifestyle with unparalleled style and functionality. This pioneering approach to sunglasses made from OrCA and Nylon 6 reflects the shared ethos of both brands, emphasising the seamless integration of innovation and sustainability. We are proud to announce that alongside 30South we are the first brand in the world to produce sunglasses from the OrCA material. 
Jasper, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Sealand, states, “Our collaboration with 30South is the intersection of two like minded brands with a desire to show how purpose-led innovation can result in highly functional and unique solutions that are not only sustainable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Sealand and 30South are both local South African businesses that are passionate about using business for good, through the interception and re-evaluation of waste, job stimulation and creativity. Together we are creating wear from waste. Two brands with one vision.” 
Sealand is more than just a brand – it's a commitment to responsible craftsmanship and sustainability. Our ethos is simple yet profound: every decision we make is guided by a commitment to prioritise our planet and its people. Through meticulous design and expert craftsmanship, we transform waste into durable gear built to withstand any adventure. This philosophy resonates deeply with 30South, a brand dedicated to crafting sustainable sunglasses for the adventurous soul. What began as a passion project between friends has evolved into a steadfast mission to revolutionise an entire industry. The team understand their responsibility in minimising the environmental footprint of their products, as well as prioritising purpose over profit. Through our shared commitment to utilising recycled materials and reducing carbon emissions, we are redefining the perception of sunglasses – one sustainable pair at a time.
Jamie, Co-Founder of 30South, states, “This collaboration with Sealand represents a significant milestone in our journey towards promoting environmental stewardship and fostering a supportive workplace culture. From their innovative eco-friendly products to their dedication to social responsibility, Sealand embodies the values that resonate with us on every level. By joining forces with Sealand, we’re not only aligning ourselves with a like-minded partner but also amplifying our collective impact in driving positive change for the planet and our people. Together, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to inspire sustainable practices and create a more sustainable future for generations to come."

Social and Environmental Responsibility 

 30South is dedicated to their concept of 'ocean positive eyewear', crafting their entire sunglass range from reclaimed ocean waste. The collection utilises two signature materials - OrCA and Nylon 6, setting a precedent in sustainability. OrCA, a cutting-edge blend of recycled Nylon from fishing nets and carbon fibre sourced from Aston Martin's production process, ensures unparalleled durability and robustness. This infusion of carbon fibre enhances rigidity, ensuring that these sunglasses are adventure-proof and virtually indestructible. Additionally, Nylon 6, known for its strength and flexibility, is created using 100% recycled fishing nets.
With sustainability at their core, these sunglasses boast an impressive array of eco-friendly and high-quality features, including 100% recycled materials, exceptional strength, UV stabilisation, high wear and creep resistance, as well as superior temperature and impact resistance.
 Aside from the incredible environmentally responsible credentials, 1% of all sales from this collection will go to Sentinel Ocean Alliance (SOA). They are a NGO that aims to empower South Africa’s underserved coastal youth. Located in Hout Bay, where the duality of breathtaking scenery is apparent, as well as the harsh disparities between its advantaged and disadvantaged inhabitants, SOA bridges the divide of this duality. They formed in 2018 under the guidance of founder Frank Solomon, a professional surfer native to these shores. Harnessing his privilege, Solomon established programs like the Hout Bay Surf Lifesaving Club and partnered with initiatives like Waves For Change to provide access to ocean-based opportunities and therapy. They launched the world's inaugural Parley Ocean School in 2020. Additionally, their Turn The Tide swimming program combines mindfulness and ocean theory with practical lessons, aiming to impart ocean literacy and swimming skills to as many children as possible. Today, SOA delivers immersive ocean education experiences, empowering South Africa's youth. SOA has led 790 students through their Parley Ocean School program, intercepted 6930kgs of trash and provided 17 903 healthy meals for kids - stellar work that will be directly supported through the sale of these sunglasses.  

The Sunglasses


With three distinct styles, namely the The Original, The Ventura and The Trail RE, each pair speaks to a unique facet of personal style and purpose. The Original, a classic silhouette cherished by many, embodies familiarity whilst offering comfort and utility. The Ventura boasts a more rounded design, exuding a sense of contemporary flair. Finally the The Trail RE, designed for the adventurous souls and action-seekers, merges durability with sleek aesthetics, ready to accompany you on any journey. Despite their differences, these glasses harmonise seamlessly through their shared attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to both form and function. Whether you seek refinement, trendiness, or versatility, this collection ensures that there's a perfect pair for every individual, binding them together in both aesthetic allure and practical utility.

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