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December 01, 2015

Here you are, on the Sealand Gear website and on the blog page. To find yourself here means that you either had an interest in the Sealand gear launch, and were curious as to what Mike and Jasper are up to, or you got sent here by a tantalizing click-bait link from a Social Media platform.

Still, here you are. The first blog, going live with the website.

So let’s have a look at our two Sealand Gear protagonists, Mike Schlebach and Jasper Eales.

Sealand Founders Mike and Jasper

 Mike and Jasper - Stilbaai, 2015. Pic by Sacha Specker

“One of my greater worries these days is the fastening rate at which our beautiful planet and the species are depleting; the speedy pace at which mass production of terrible produce is being produced and the unethical conditions its being done under. Resulting in unimaginable quantities of waste being generated on an hourly rate. I fear living in a world where I’m surrounded by rubbish, where the natural playgrounds I live for and cherish on a daily basis, are no longer around.”


    Jasper Eales

    Co-founder Sealand Gear.

      Jasper surfing in Sri Lanka

      Jasper taking to the air in Sri Lanka

       “I would say the person I admire the most is Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. He has inspired the direction and business philosophy we will be taking with Sealand. If all companies would run with a similar ethos and respect for our environment that Yvon Chouinard has implemented at Patagonia then the world would be in a much healthier state.”


        Mike Schlebach

        Co-founder Sealand Gear.

          Mike surfing at dungeons

           Mike negotiating the drop at Dungeons

           "When you start a business, of course you build it for commercial success, and to sustain yourself and your family in a custom that which you are comfortable with. This is common sense and to say differently you would, most times, be insulting to the intelligence of the person you’re telling. No one starts a business to fail.

          The thing is, in business there are many levels of respect and dignity. Some people fight and claw their way to material wealth at the expense of everything, like their self-respect, the environment, friendships, their levels of humanity.

          Others do it differently, with dignity and with style, working on product and their processes, instead of relentless sales."


          Mike and Jasper have their ideology of up-cycling foremost in their thoughts when making business decisions. Their business ethos is about the environment, about renewable and about keeping it clean more than making coin. Every single piece of waste material that they salvage and up-cycle would have ended up in the dumps, and the type of material, like sail cloth, stretch tents, truck tarps etc, are those kinds of materials that will stick around the for the next 20, 30 100 years before biodegrading.

          This little mission, because it is a small mission in the big scheme of things right now, will be for the benefit of our kids, and their kids. All it requires is a little vision.

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