Sealand Hemp originals. We work with ecologically smart materials and put 'future proof' front of mind.

Sealand Hemp originals. We work with ecologically smart materials and put 'future proof' front of mind.

Breathable, durable, light and tough. 

We have grown fonder of working with hemp as an ecologically smart material. This 'bast fibre', meaning the open cell hemp fibre, used in textiles is derived from the stem of the plant, much like other natural fibres, jute, flax and stinging nettle.

The hemp crop is robust and susceptible to grow in most environments, climates and soil types. With its fast growth rate, ability to grow in close quarters to its neighbors this crop results in in higher yields for lower land use. Post harvest, 60 -70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil is returned, giving opportunity for immediate secondary succession, where food crops can be grown immediately. 

Sealand has always had the affinity to work with materials that prove to have a positive scale of impact to the environment. Hemp actually absorbs CO2 while it grows and is thus carbon negative from the outset. It is comparable to a vacuum cleaner of pollutants in the environment. It was used at Chernobyl to harmlessly extract toxins from the soil and ground water through a process called ‘phyto-remediation’.

Our hemp apparel range is indicative of our commitment to future proofing and much like our gear, the release of these unique Sealand garments prioritize themselves to be garments that hold legacy in your wardrobe. With superior quality, hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, a good insulator, has excellent breathability, is resistant to mould and mildew and is highly resistant to wear-and-tear.

'Since I was introduced to hemp and began to wear this material I have found it difficult to wear anything else' 

'The more I wear my hemp garments the better they become'

'I love the fact that I can wear the same t-shirt for multiple days in a row and it doesn't hold any ouder'

'The natural texture of hemp material against my skin has become something I really enjoy and look forward to'

Wearing hemp can be driven by many reasons as mentioned above. In stating that Sealand prefers to use hemp shows our dedication to the environment and gives true legacy to our apparel pieces that will last a long time. To be on any adventure you may partake on, for taking a responsable step toward the future, always ensuring comfort and durability. 


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