The Story behind The Sealand Search

The Story behind The Sealand Search
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What is the Sealand Search? 

The Sealand Search is a hunt to find prizes hidden in places of natural beauty both in and outside of the city. Sealand creates riddles and clues to guide you along mountain trails, through forests and up and down sand dunes to these exciting prizes. All you have to do is get outdoors, grab a buddy and explore.

The Story
The idea for the Sealand Search was born in May 2020, as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were beginning to ease. As Sealanders, we were taking strain. Being unable to spend time on the beach, in the ocean or hiking in the mountains, had made us feel flat and claustrophobic. We felt a need to get back out into nature and onto the trails we once frequently roamed. We needed to reconnect to both people and the planet and wanted to encourage others to reconnect too. 
We decided that concealing the hiding spots in riddles would make the hunt more challenging while also recreating that childhood excitement of a game of hide and seek.
Each Sealand bag is named after an adventure, story or special location. The riddles allow us to share and hero the characterful names of our Sealand Bags. Such that, in the Sealand Search you may find yourself ‘surfing the pipeline to catch your next choob’ i.e. exploring The Pipe Track in the hunt for a Choob Duffel. 

Being in nature has proven to positively affect your wellbeing. The sounds of birds chirping can reduce your stress levels while the sound of running water can improve positive emotions. 


The Sealand Search is a reminder that we need to appreciate and look after nature and in doing so look after ourselves. 


To keep the spirit of the Sealand Search alive, the names of four bags are hidden in this blog. 

Click here to list the names of all four bags and stand the chance to win a Sealand prize if you get it right. 


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