Swish L_White

Description_ A smart and simple tote bag, the Swish L effortlessly carries in all your needs while keeping them safe and secure. The spacious main compartment also features a hanging zip pocket to keep small items safe and organized. The Sealand signature wrapped base doubles as a large external pocket on both the front and back of the bag. Two handle sizes allow for versatile carry options; whether you are preparing for travel, or your daily commute. 

The SWISH is handmade in the Sealand workshop situated in Cape Town, South Africa, has a lifetime warranty AND comes with a FREE Sealander_Mask and pack of two Simple_Masks. 

Please note that all Sealand_Collection products will shipped to you within 5 working days!

  • Dimensions_     W 410mm x D 130mm x H 460mm
  • Volume_             24.5 liters
  • Material_            Upcycle: Canvas

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