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Stone Saffron
Recycled Rowlie Backpack Sale priceR 2,395.00
Upcycled Rowlie Backpack Sale priceR 1,995.00
DesertUpcycled Hero Convertible Duffel
Recycled Buddy BackpackSaffron
Recycled Buddy Backpack Sale priceFrom R 1,795.00
Upcycled Buddy Backpack Sale priceFrom R 1,495.00
Heritage Bedouin Buddy BackpackHeritage Bedouin Buddy Backpack
Heritage Bedouin Buddy Backpack Sale priceR 1,950.00
FlareUpcycled Venture Convertible Laptop Bag
Upcycled Venture Convertible Laptop Bag Sale priceFrom R 3,450.00
FlareUpcycled Roamer Backpack
Upcycled Roamer Backpack Sale priceFrom R 2,995.00

We specialise in upcycling pre-and post-consumer waste material back into the use cycle as durable, aspirational products whilst minimising the environmental impact and waste generation - and maximising employee wellbeing. Handmade by our diverse team, to last, to the benefit of our communities and the planet.