Simple_ Mask 2.0 (4 Pack)

Description_ The Simple Mask 2.0 is an accordion-style mask with three pleats across the front, plus a new and improved upcycled nylon rope and cord-stopper fastening system. It is made from two layers of material: an external layer of B-Grade coated cotton, and an internal layer of lightweight poly twill, which is soft against your face. The cotton has great natural filtration properties, while the poly twill has a low absorption feature which prevents the mask becoming damp by the buildup of breath and natural moisture. It is comfortable, breathable, upcycled and can be worn for extended periods of time - a true essential.

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  • Dimensions_    W 180mm x D 100mm
  • Weight_             22g
  • Material_           Upcycle: Coated Cotton, nylon rope, & Polytwill

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