Pocket Combo_

Description_ Three pockets in three perfect sizes. The small, medium and large pockets come with an optional backing, which, when removed, allow them to be stuck to the front of your Sealand X Shelflife grab bag or utility vest. On their own, they make for great wallets or  stationary pouches, suitable for all your organisational needs.   

Available in yellow & sand. 

Dimensions_ Pocket 1: H 100mm x W 80mm X D 20mm | Pocket 2: H 100mm x W 120mm x D 20mm | Pocket 3: H 100mm x W 200mm x D 20mm

Volume_ Pocket 1: 0.16l Pocket 2: 0.24l Pocket 3: 0.4l     

Material_ Upcycled Nylon Ripstop and lined with upcycled polyester from in-store advertising banners


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