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Inspired by Cape Town, our love for adventure, and our mission to protect the outdoors - Sealand is a lifestyle brand that focuses on responsibly made gear and apparel. Our mission is to ensure that every decision we make keeps the planet and its people front and centre. With this in mind, all of our bags and apparel are made from waste or responsibly and ethically sourced materials.

The structural waste or meticulously sourced material is then combined with high-quality hardware, innovative design, and expert craftsmanship to create gear that will last a lifetime. Our upcycled and responsibly sourced materials are sturdy and weather resistant, making them perfect for any adventure.

Sealand forms part of the vibrant South African community and environment around it, while dedicating itself to profound social and environmental impact. We aspire to always play our part for the planet and its people.

Our team embodies the Sealand brand. This crew combines passions for business, the outdoors, and design. The expert craftspeople that make our gear form the backbone of the brand. Amongst our family there are endurance runners, surfers, avid hikers, and ingenious personalities.

The ultimate aspiration of the Sealand lifestyle is to do one's part by being responsible, while considering the piece of the planet that one has a direct impact on. Sealand strives to be a brand that invests in change and when you support Sealand you are investing in that change too.

Inspired by nature, made from waste.