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2020 a year of incredible challenges, perfect for innovation!

History has always shown us that the greatest progress and innovations are often born from times of challenge. As humans we often make our greatest changes and improvements as a result of this challenge. At Sealand we are no different. We are all very aware of the multitude of challenges we have faced during 2020. With that being said, during this time we considered our most important assets, our followers, fans and customers. We kept you top of mind as we worked on new designs, played with new fabrics and re-looked our processes. We ultimately looked for ways to make some of our ranges more accessible, without compromising the brand and product we represent. 

For many, the barrier to entry is often price. The simple truth is that what we do and create is an intensive process which cannot be done cheaply. Taking waste material and matching it with world-class design and craftsmanship, to produce a product with a lifetime guarantee, cannot be achieved with shortcuts. We realise that this means that many would-be owners of Sealand gear remain fans only. We asked ourselves how we could change that. Often the best changes come from tackling the big and simple challenges. In this case we chose to address our fabrics and manufacturing process. 

We knew that if we could innovate across these two pillars we would be able to create an offering that would be more affordable to you. We are elated to tell you that we have been successful! From today the 12.10.2020 you will see that all gear made from our Canvas material is now up to 30% cheaper than our hallmark Yacht Sail offering. We have achieved this by innovating in the two pillars mentioned. 

How did we do it?

We worked hard on selecting which fabrics we could source more cost effectively at greater scale. All the time knowing that one simple premise cannot be missed, all the fabric used would normally remain destined for landfill. Working closely with our partners we have been able to select and source B-Grade Canvas at a lower cost and in better formats. The format then allows us to speed up the cutting and trimming process that goes into making the panels for each and every bag. 

From there we attacked the manufacturing process and identified ways to speed up the process which goes into the timing of each and every bag. Luckily Canvas is easier to sew than Yacht Sail, which in turn makes it easier to innovate the way in which our team produces Canvas specific bags. 

All of this combined has meant that we can source Canvas material more cost effectively, in a better format which allows us to cut more effectively and then the sewing crew can make up your bags in a shorter space of time. All while maintaining the quality and lifetime guarantee, Lifeproof™. 

We have used this time to play our part in being innovative and we hope that our fans and our customers, both new and old, will enjoy the benefit of that time this time when Sealand used innovation to pass our success onto you with a wide range of gear at lower prices. We cannot wait to welcome you to the Sealand Family! Your next adventure starts here.

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