We understand that just as no man is an island, no business is an atoll – we are the sum of our interactions both internal and external. We do not exist and operate in a vacuum, but within a complex web of suppliers, partners, NGOs, stakeholders and most importantly, people.

74% of our suppliers actively work to reduce electricity consumption

68% of our suppliers actively work to divert waste

64% of our suppliers actively work to increase employee wellbeing


Our influence extends far beyond those on our payroll and those we directly manage. We source materials from a number of suppliers, screened for responsible environmental and social practices. As part of our commitment to transparency and responsibility, we have been working on supplier relationships to solve the big issues that affect us all. As a brand that holds sustainability to the fore in everything we do, we partner with suppliers that align with our values and work on improving our shared operations, minimising impact and looking for long-term, sustainable relationships in every sphere.

Our suppliers have moved with us on many key issues - looking to recycle more, waste less, improve employee wellbeing and reduce water and electricity consumption. We have introduced our Sealand Suppliers Code of Conduct, committing them to a number of fair and ethical business practices.

  • Eliminating any risk of forced labour in their operations or those of their suppliers
  • Enshrining the right to a fair, safe and healthy workspace free from discrimination
  • Ensuring that employees receive fair compensation and time off
  • Declaration of toxic substances and policy to deal with these and conflict minerals
  • Adherence to anti-corruption, anti-trust and ethical business policies
  • The right to inspect or audit facilities
  • A remedy channel for grievances and stakeholder concerns


Through our proud partnership with 1% For The Planet, we ensure that we donate 1% of our total revenue to environmental partners who do amazing work beyond our scope, to save our world and make a positive change to our shared planet. By the time you read this Report, our total donations through this network will equal R932 380 and R320 000 in 2023.

Our key beneficiary over the last 2 years has been Sentinel Ocean Alliance, an incredible and dynamic organisation almost on our doorstep in Hout Bay. SOA has done fantastic work over the past few years, transforming a once-derelict corner of the beach into a vibrant community space of learning, ocean appreciation and environmental stewardship.

Sentinal Ocean Alliance (SOA)

Since 2021, SOA has:
  • Graduated 790 students from their Parley Ocean School program
  • Taught 672 children to swim in the ocean
  • Presented 1151 leaning sessions
  • Intercepted 6930kgs of plastic waste
  • Prepared 17903 healthy meals for kids

They present a 16 week structured learning program for kids that aims to instruct and ignite a passion for the ocean within students. They run ocean immersion and ocean therapy sessions in which students learn not only about sea safety, but mindfulness practices and awareness of one’s connection to nature.

SOA has a lengthy list of experts and public figures who have presented engaging weekly talks with learners, bringing real-world experience to the book learning. Hands-on activities help learners interact and connect directly with the ocean and it’s inhabitants, and create tangible connections. Food and transport is provided to ensure that programs are inclusive and foster an environment conducive to learning – not rumbling tummies!