We believe our greatest asset is our team. We are committed to investing in the well-being, professional development, and economic empowerment of our employees. Here, we highlight Sealand's initiatives to upskill our workers, provide above a living wage, and create opportunities for training and development.

92% satisfaction rate for employee survey
Above living wage paid as a minimum
79% employees Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs)

Employee Wellbeing

Sealand operates with a strict non-discrimination policy and is committed to eradicating discrimination on the grounds of religious, sexual orientation, gender, age and race.

We prioritise the health, safety, and wellness of our employees. We do this through comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety policies. We promote a positive work-life balance, we encourage all of our employees to take time to connect with nature and themselves in whatever way they see fit. We are proud of our active, connected staff who regularly surprise us with invites to marathons, runs, walks, surfs and swims!

We have open communication channels and regular feedback mechanisms ensure that employees feel valued, respected, and heard in the workplace.

Upliftment & Empowerment

Sealand recognises the importance of upskilling our workforce to enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and career advancement opportunities.

We offer training programs and workshops designed to develop employees' skills in areas such as manufacturing techniques, quality control, sustainability practices, and leadership. Through partnerships with educational institutions and industry experts, we provide employees with access to specialized training courses and certifications relevant to their roles and career aspirations.

Our upskilling initiatives are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our workforce and the demands of the rapidly changing industry landscape. Our overarching goal is to empower employees to reach their full potential, achieve their career goals, and, in so doing, to  contribute optimally to Sealands’s success.