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Sealand launches Conscious Gifting range for ethical, eco-conscious corporate gifting

Sealand has launched a Conscious Gifting range, geared to providing corporates with an ethical and ecologically-conscious alternative to bulk corporate gifts sourced from overseas.

Handmade in Cape Town by trained machinists and designers using upcycled and recycled materials, the range offers numerous advantages for corporates wanting to do the right thing: Supporting a local business means they’re supporting local jobs and the South African economy; the materials used divert waste from local landfills, and carbon emissions are significantly reduced because products do not need to be transported vast distances; and purchasing products from the Sealand Conscious Gifting range contributes to companies’ mission to significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Sealand’s creative director, Jasper Eales, says that the range was born as a result of the rollercoaster ride of 2020. “This year will be remembered for many things, positive and negative, and we have done our best to look at the positives and channel our focus in these areas at Sealand. Through this approach, we identified the need to develop a range of products that speak to the new corporate world. One where environmental and social responsibility, local supply chains, and quality goods are of great importance and allow for adoption into the corporate world. Encouraging businesses to gift with a conscience, where local champions are celebrated and valued over low cost imports, and environmental thinking places our planet first.

We have celebrated and leveraged our local, ethically focused business, in a time when the world has been forced to realise the value in local supply chains. This has enabled us to maintain our full staff complement and even introduce a few new members to the Sealand family,” he says.

The expertly designed Conscious Gifting range offers corporates the opportunity to customise Sealand’s favourite and best-selling designs with their own branding – giving staff or clients a gift which is not only stylish and functional, but also supports local and is ethically produced.

The Sealand brand’s style-driven approach allows environmental and social responsibility on all fronts to be the driving force behind the business. Sealand prides itself in helping style-conscious people make ecologically aware choices while actively contributing to sustainable job creation. It is for this reason that it calls itself an ethical and transparent brand, and why Sealand’s internationally recognised range has just been launched in Selfridges UK, as part of its Project Earth campaign.

Interested? Contact our Head of Business Development Luke, if you feel like this is something that your company will be interested in. 

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