Sealand - Production Manager - Job Description

Rooted in Cape Town’s southern peninsula where mountains and ocean so vividly connect, Sealand was born with a conviction of keeping the environment front and centre alongside inspired functional designs and longevity. Smart material selection, compelling functionality and product durability are all palpable features of what we make.

Our start-up team lives the Sealand brand with combined passions for business, for the wondrous outdoors, for life. Amongst the Sealand family sit big wave surfers, innovative oddballs, highly skilled craftsmen and women, and some of the widest smiles the African continent has to offer.

Production Manager // Sealand Gear
Production Manager Qualities

  • Hard Skills
    • Knowledge of manufacturing production and processes
    • Excel wizard as well as competence in the full Microsoft office suite
    • The ability to use, repair and maintain machines and tools
    • Sampling and prototyping oversight and organization
    • Expert liaising with design department to ensure that all products have approved and confirmed samples before production begins
  • Soft Skills
    • Leadership skills
    • High attention to detail
    • The ability to use your initiative
    • Work well under pressure
    • Excellent verbal communication skills
    • Thinking and reasoning skills
    • Good time management and the ability to organise your time and workload
Daily Tasks:
Planning - preparing orders, setting quality standards and estimating timescales and costs
  • Scheduling all weekly production in accordance with demand across the key pillars of the business:
    • Stock for our retail operations.
    • Stock for W/Sales clients - local and international
    • Stock for Corporate clients
  • Ensuring the business has all the materials required to fulfill on all orders covered in the pillars above.
    • The business maintains a Material stockholding benchmark you own.
In line with above, managing and building relationships with our key suppliers, ensuring we get the best pricing and explore constant alternatives in terms of material types and suppliers best suited to our long term strategy.
  • Ensuring the business is staffed with the correct quantity of machinists to fulfill on all orders and the production demand.
  • Staffing covers both full time and short term employees.
  • Monitoring the daily output of the production unit.
  • This is managed on a daily productivity measure that factors in Hours available against output. The business has a target to exceed benchmark by 20% per day.

Managing the incentive payment scheme linked to the output above.

  • In accordance with above, managing the QC + production teams and process to ensure no more than a 2% rejection rate
  • Managing the distribution flow on all finished products:
  • Stock put into master stockholding
  • Stock picked and packed for distribution to pillars 2 & 3.
Stock count in conjunction with Finance Manager
  • Labelling of all finished goods
  • Pricing of all finished goods
  • Overseeing of all packing of the aforementioned stock in accordance with the confirmed order
    People - managing key reports
    • The line supervisor in the sewing department
    • The line supervisor in the cutting department
    • Oversight all members within those teams
    • The company driver who facilitates all local deliveries and importantly all materials sourcing logistics.
    Managing the Campus - assistance with managing of the Campus, in conjunction with Finance Manager
    • To ensure that all areas are functioning well, Taking care of any occurring damages , renovations  of the Facility.
    Next steps:
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