Sustainability at Sealand

Sealand Gear is a leading gear and apparel brand committed to sustainability, upcycling and environmental stewardship. We strive to craft high-quality products whilst minimising our environmental impact by turning waste destined for landfill into beautiful, valuable and durable products. In doing so, we have saved over 80 tons of toxic material from our earth. In addition, we working hard on strategies to close the loop by keeping both material and products in the use and reuse cycle for as long as possible.

Sealand forms part of the vibrant South African community and local environment. We draw inspiration, materials and talent from our surroundings daily. We aspire to play a positive role in supporting our People, Partners and Planet – all while creating beautiful Products.

11 762kg

of advertising banners diverted from landfill in 2023


of managerial positions held by HDSAs or women



Our products embody our commitment to sustainable sourcing, processing and material selection. We are proud of the durable, timeless pieces we create - and our customers love.


We believe that our greatest asset is our workforce. We are committed to investing in the well-being, professional development, and economic empowerment of our employees.


Sealand understands that just as no man is an island, no business is an atoll – we are the sum of our interactions both internal and external.


Sealand is committed to producing
sustainable, upcycled bags while
minimising our environmental impact.

Responsibility Report 2022

Transparency about our sustainability process is vital to us. Here is what we accomplished in 2022 and our goals for the future.