Our Waste Partners

A rewarding way in which we work with our partners is by creating bespoke products for them using their own material waste.


The poly twill lining of our bags have come from a variety of waste partners over the years. One of our goals in 2022 was to forge new waste partnerships that put impact at the forefront of their mission, and we are thrilled to announce Mr Price as our most recent waste partner.


This partnership starts with the advertising banner material being created and printed by Hirt & Carter. These banners are delivered to the Mr Price Group, where they are used for the duration of a campaign across stores nationwide. Instead of being discarded after use, City Logistics then delivers the material to Sealand where we upcycle it into lining for our bags.


With the help of Hirt & Carter and City Logistics, Mr Price will become our single biggest waste supplier. We believe this partnership will redirect a significant quantity of textiles from landfill into the making of high-quality, durable bags.


Along with the help of our other waste partners, we project that Sealand will intercept over 12 000kg of poly twill in 2023.