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CHOOB_L is our large simple style cylindrical duffle bag, with basic essential features, such as an internal long slim zip pocket allowing for organised packing, combined with another small external pocket for quick secure access, which makes the CHOOB_L a well suited bag for a few days on the road.   The zips used are top quality YKK branded, a large zip is used for the main entrance opening and encourages ease of use. It is internally lined with a specially suited advertising billboard nylon, which was previously used in stores as promotional banner material. The rip-stop material base generates added durability for a longer lifespan.

  • Dimensions: L 750mm x D 330mm x H 330mm
  • Weight: ABM 1.0kg, BS 1.35kg, YS 1.15kg
  • Literage: 81.7 litres
  • Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

      Type: Bags

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