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RIDER is a multifunctional bag, with the ability to be used as a backpack or a shoulder slung messenger bag. Smart usage of pockets and industrial clips allows the shoulder straps for the backpack to be exposed when needed and tucked away when the messenger style is preferred. A simple exterior shape draws focus to functionality, with a combination of three slim pockets, a D-ring, and the durable rip stop canvas base for extended usability and longevity. Internally the RIDER applies a similar approach of simplicity, with a single hanging zip pocket to keep your life organized. Entirely lined with upcycled advertising banner material, which has soft and smooth characteristics.

  • Materials: Bedouin Stretch (BS), Yacht Sail (YS)
  • Dimensions: L 315mm x D 130mm x H 360mm
  • Weight: BS 1kg, YS 0.8kg
  • Literage: 14,7 litres
  • Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

Type: Unknown Type

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