Emmanuel Nyalugwe

Emmanuel Nyalugwe

Emmanuel works as our Cutting and Production Assistant at Sealand. He completed his studies in the Education realm and is a qualified to work as a teacher. Previously he worked for the Civil Service of the Government of Malawi as a teacher, as well as working as a teacher in a few private institutions. However, in between all of this he developed an interest in fashion designs, so he trained in cutting and sewing clothing apparel. 

This desire led him to work as a machinist at a local clothing company, which ultimately led to Sealand. Now at Sealand, he feels he has the opportunity to learn more and gain new skills. 

In his free time, he likes to read books and novels, as well as watching tutorials on designing and the approach to teaching fashion design. 

Emmanuel’s journey does not stop here. He is working towards being an entrepreneur, and he feels Sealand is his inspiration in learning all the necessary skills. He believes as the company grows, he grows too.


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