Warranty and Care

What is the 'Evergreen Guarantee'?

Our lifetime guarantee covers defects related to the failure of our craftsmanship and material for every piece of gear we make (all bags and pouches handmade by Sealand, not including apparel). Excessive wear and tear, abuse, or misuse are not covered by our guarantee. 

What does 'Lifetime' mean?

The lifetime specifically refers to the time at which, through normal use, the product can no longer function in its intended purpose. Our definition of a lifetime is 10 years, thereafter we will repair your gear at a reasonable charge. 

What do we Cover?

What we cover:
  • Material defects
  • Workmanship defects
  • Trims breaking (zips, buckles, and webbing)
What we don’t cover:
  • Wear and tear
  • Abuse or misuse
  • Abrasion or fading of the material

Why we don't cover 'General Wear'

General wear is the natural breakdown of materials over a long period of normal usage. After years of wear, you may see material fading, scuffing, and possible fraying of material. Once you've put enough kilometres on it, general wear will naturally show in areas of high traffic, we see this as character-building. This isn't a defect of materials or craftsmanship; it is simply the natural course of any well-built product. 

Our products are handmade from upcycled waste and recycled materials, therefore your gear may have some slight imperfections… as Marilyn Monroe once said, “imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” We approve of this statement Marilyn.

Care For Your Bag

Our materials are weather resistant and durable. With all great expeditions and adventures, come great battle scars and in the scenario where your bag has gathered dirt, throw it in the washing machine on a cold wash or take a damp soapy cloth and give it a good deep scrub. However, as our materials aren’t stain-proof, we can’t guarantee that the material will wipe completely clean.

Repair over Replace

This is our policy for all manufacturing defects. Once inspected and found to have a defect, your gear will be admitted into our repair ward and if deemed fatal, we will replace your product with the most recent version of your particular style bag.

You will be responsible for shipping your gear to our Hout Bay Campus or dropping off your defective gear at any of our retail outlets. We will then take full responsibility for repairing/replacing and shipping your gear back to you. 

To log a defect, please send clear images of the defect/defected area, your order number as proof of purchase, and your address to info@sealandgear.com