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As Simple as Picking up 1 Piece of Litter.


What is Protect our Paths?


Protect Our Paths is an initiative to help conserve our natural playgrounds by encouraging you to pick up 1 piece of litter every time you are on a mountain trail. As we believe that many small actions combined have a big impact, we encourage you to share a picture of the litter you have collected using #protectourpaths on social media.


Why is Protect our Paths important to us?


Sealand has always strived to reduce the adverse effects of consumption on the environment. With nature being so deeply rooted in who we are and what we do at Sealand, this campaign is a natural extension of what we stand for.


The Protect Our Paths community.

An initiative which requires small actions from many people, needs a strong reach to have impact. Sealand is fortunate to have connected with both individuals and communities who strongly believe in the Protect our Paths message. The Otter African Trail, Tuesday Trails, 13 Peaks and Toni McCann are invaluable to #protectourpaths in encouraging as many people as possible to take part for the benefit of the trails.


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