Friends of Sealand

These incredible people are an extension of the Sealand Family, who believe wholeheartedly in our mission because they live our values too. Friends of Sealand are as diverse as the land on which we roam.

Roushanna Gray

Roushanna immerses herself in the exploration of the edible landscape, continually discovering new layers of knowledge and striving to inspire others to join her journey of discovery. Based at Good Hope Gardens Nursery in Cape Point, she heads up Veld and Sea, where she offers seasonal and sustainable foraging classes and workshops, drawing from the rich diversity of indigenous plants and coastal delicacies. Her passion for teaching transcends mere occupation, shaping her lifestyle into an immersive dedication to sharing the wonders of culinary exploration.

Maps Maponyane

Maps Maponyane is a prominent TV presenter, actor, and entrepreneur located in Johannesburg with a substantial following of 1.2 million. While his lifestyle is marked by extensive travel and adventurous pursuits, his public endorsement of Sealand is unmistakable. Frequently adorned in Sealand merchandise, be it a hat, bag, or tee, Maps proudly showcases the brand's distinctive style.

John Dobson

John Dobson, affectionately known as Dobbo, holds the esteemed position of head coach for the DHL Stormers. Renowned for his dedication to the team, he has solidified our partnership as their exclusive luggage sponsor. Beyond his coaching role, Dobbo's enthusiasm for sailing and his avocation as a boat skipper further underscore his affinity for adventure. A steadfast supporter of Sealand, he frequents the Hout Bay Campus Store to acquire the latest Sealand gear, exemplifying his commitment to the brand.

Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana, renowned both as a former rugby superstar and a successful businessman, requires little introduction. A seasoned globetrotter, Bryan is frequently spotted traveling internationally with Sealand's esteemed Wheelie Luggage Bag. His admiration for Sealand extends beyond this, as he also favours the brand's versatile Venture Bag.

Sacha Specker

Sacha, born in 1983 and initially rooted near Cape Town's ocean, has roamed the globe chasing waves, capturing his essence through photography. Now back in Cape Town, Sacha finds joy in the ocean, outdoor pursuits, and building, alongside family and friends, while working as a photographer. Sacha believes in quietly leading by example, sharing knowledge, and uplifting others. Sacha advocates for upcycling and resourcefulness, inspiring others to adopt similar practices in their lives.

Neil Midlane, PhD

Neil Midlane, a lifelong conservationist, adventurer, and academic, leads conservation tourism efforts at The Nature Conservancy, leveraging his diverse background in finance, environmental management, and fieldwork to protect wilderness and wildlife while empowering local communities, driven by his love for the natural world and his dedication to securing its future for generations to come.

Gita Amber Carroll

Gita, Chief Kindness Curator at the Good Machine, champions conscious living and human connection. Through initiatives like Deli2Sea and One Blue Heart, she fosters community and advocates for positive change. Gita draws inspiration from nature, guiding others to reconnect with their purest selves and contribute to a more compassionate world.

Surprise Maphumulo

Surprise, acclaimed as South Africa’s international surfing virtuoso, masterfully navigates both local and international waves. As a dedicated surfer and friend of Sealand, Surprise embodies the brand's ethos of embracing adventure and sustainability.

Bridget de Kock

Bridget de Kock stands as a distinguished luxury travel advisor, as well as a creator of lifestyle and travel content within South Africa. Renowned for her refined approach to travel, she traverses the globe in impeccable style. A discerning connoisseur of quality, Bridget seamlessly incorporates Sealand gear into her travels. From her signature Sealand Bucket Hat to her cherished Moon Bag.

Natasha van Greunen

Natasha's journey into surfing began at 13, sparking a lifelong passion that shaped her career choice in professional surfing. Alongside her love for travel and cultural exploration, she pursued a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management, drawing inspiration from the ocean's teachings to deepen her connection to nature. Natasha believes in the power of education to empower individuals in making eco-conscious choices, advocating for small changes with significant impact. As a member of the ISA Athletes’ Commission, she endeavors to promote sustainability in surfing competitions, aiming to inspire others to prioritize environmental stewardship.