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Sacha Specker

Sealand Gear Ambassador Sacha Specker


Photo credit_ Sacha Specker

Put me in the ocean, let me build stuff, be outdoors, off the beaten track and I am happy. I arrived on this planet in 1983, spent my early years in Cape Town, near or in the ocean, then traveling around the globe, chasing, riding and photographing the waves of the world. Back in Cape Town, I am now spending as much time as possible outdoors, surfing, with family and friends, while working as a photographer.

Essentially we are in some way responsible to make this world a better place - no need to tell people. Try lead by example, share with people and uplift those around us. The idea alone of using something that has been discarded as waste to fill a role of something that was previously made from new materials is a great step into the direction of up-cycling, reusing, and making the most of what we have. Sealand breathes the essence of this outlook and nurtures local skills to produce top quality and high functional every day products. We can all apply this to our lives in one way or another.

Sacha is the primary contributing photographer for Sealand Gear. See more of his work on his Instagram account @sachaspex, or visit to contact him directly.

Sealand Gear Ambassador Sacha Specker

Crashing wave with light beams shining through

Llama with mountain range behind it

Surfboard from beneath the wave

wave barrel crashing

Seagulls about to take flight

Wave breaking with Lions Head in the background

Wave crashing at sunset

Wave at Sunset

Portrait by Ayesha Specker, all other images by Sacha Specker


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