Get SELECT-IVE with Materials

Get SELECT-IVE with Materials

Sealand’s ‘Designed by You’ experience

The Sealand story started with our team scouring Cape Town for all sorts of waste which could be transformed into high value, durable gear. Differences in the colour, marks and texture of the waste material we collected lead to unique differences in the stitching and design of our bags. This showcased the expertise of our machinists and highlighted the journey of each material. Handcrafting from these limited batches of upcycled waste meant Sealand’s original bags were almost always one-off pieces.

SELECT pays homage to Sealand’s beginnings.   

As always, we remain absolutely committed to diverting waste from landfill. SELECT gives opportunity to create and presents itself as a solution to extend the life cycle of limited materials. When you make a SELECT bag, you are using material offcuts from Sealand’s production and unique, limited batches from our archive. Through this experience you continue to represent and carry a part of Sealand with you as a responsible consumer standing for a better future.

Image by Cameron Prins

Designed by you

The exclusive nature of our products has been foundational to the success of Sealand – it enables us to add value to waste while challenging perceptions around upcycled products. Each Sealand bag tells its own story. With internal linings that are made from upcycled advertising banners, each bag has its own pop of colour and Polly Twill print inside. The name of the Sealand craftsperson who handmade your bag is also added to the internal lining, meaning you carry their personal touch with you wherever your bag goes. 


SELECT aims to take this personalisation a step further. When you play with interesting waste materials, pick your own combination of panels and straps and leave a deconstructed bag ready for our professional machinists to assemble, you become an integral part of Sealand’s production. 


By including people in the production process, we hope to educate and inspire others to bring new life to waste through upcycling.

 Image by Cameron Prins

Take it to the Moon

The first SELECT we did, during 2019, gave our customers the opportunity to make their own Toastie. While the Toastie is a much loved and versatile product, we wanted this SELECT to be out of this world. There is no better product for this than our Sealand Moon Bag. 


The Moon is a functional classic and our most popular bag. It has been carefully designed in the Sealand Studio to ensure that it is the perfect companion for both day-to-day activities and travelling. No matter the mission or adventure, the Moon has you covered.


So take a trip (in your little rocket ship) to any of our Sealand stores, have a look around, and turn some waste material that would otherwise have ended up in landfill into the most useful and unique Moon you will ever own.


Image by Cameron Prins

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