Sealand Gear goes to We Are EGG

Sealand Gear goes to We Are EGG

We Are EGG recently opened its doors at Cavendish Connect in Claremont, Cape Town, and Sealand Gear is proud to be among the store’s Partners. To mark the occasion, we’re customising Sealand Toasties for EGG shoppers and helping them get to know the brand a little better. 

Why EGG? 

“EGG is by far the most exciting retail space in South Africa, at its scale,” says Sealand Gear cofounder Jasper Eales. “Having seen some of the most exciting retail spaces around the world, we feel confident that EGG is a big step forward for how local brands are showcased. Taking the best of the experiential shopping that’s usually found in boutiques and applying it to a department store space allows for increased opportunities for collaboration, getting to know our customers and enabling a broader understanding of what Sealand Gear stands for.” 

“Our vision is to educate and inspire – we’re an aspirational brand, with an inspirational voice. Direct contact with our customers, and with those who might never have encountered the brand, is immensely valuable in sharing our story. We’re re-envisioning what waste is and as our brand credibility and knowledge grows, we’re gaining momentum.” 

More in-store 

Within the We Are EGG space, Sealand Gear can be found in two areas. The first is in the store’s Accessories section, where customers can head if they’re looking for favourites, classics and staples from our Core Line of product. The second, in Streetwear + Sneakers, will showcase the edgier designs that have traditionally gone straight to our export market – stores such as Selfridges and Mr Porter. EGG will always have the newest Peak Line offering: the store will be the first to receive some of Sealand Gear’s newest products when we release our collections twice yearly.  

We have a collaboration with We Are EGG that’s available to shop and provides a limited-edition selection that marks the occasion of the store’s launch and Sealand Gear’s role as a Partner in the space. Currently, we have our Shelflife x Sealand collab available in store. In the coming months, EGG will also be a space in which to launch our new collaborations and test new, exciting products that would previously have been available only in our Cape Town CBD store. 

It’s all yours 

In-store collaborations at EGG mean that you’ll be able to browse more Sealand products than ever before and learn about the brand’s story, but it’s also an opportunity for innovative collaboration and customisation. This Thursday 17 December and Friday 18 December, Sealand Gear’s Toastie Select is coming to the EGG Centre Court for you to experience first-hand the handmade craftsmanship that goes into each Sealand product, with the live creation of your own one-of-a-kind Toastie. Meet the machinists, understand the process, feel the fabric and leave with your personalised product. See you at the EGG Centre Court!


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