OUR CUSTOMERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US! Thank you for choosing SEALAND GEAR. We hope you can find the answers you need here to any of our FAQs. 

Why is the pricing different on your South African website to your Global  site? At this stage, all our products are made in our factory in Cape Town so it is natural that we can offer our products at a better rate for people in this area. Our pricing becomes more expensive when we have to factor in shipping from South Africa. Shipping is a flat rate, but duties and taxes are NOT included in our prices on international sales however they are on local SA sales. Duties and taxes change per country and will be for your account when your order arrives. 

I want to change my order. Can I? Changes and additions to your order cannot be made from our end. What we can do to help you is cancel your original order and you may place a new order with the items you desire. This can be done only if your order has not been processed, packed, or shipped, which may begin at 8am the day after you place an order. Email info@sealandgear.com ASAP if this need arises. We'll do our best to resolve things for you. 

When will my items be shipped? Our products are made to order, once your bag has been made, we will ship it off to you. We try work as quickly as possible but please allow up to 10 working days before shipping confirmation.

Will I receive an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation? Yes! If you have typed in your email address correctly during checkout both of these confirmations will be sent to you automatically. You can track your order's shipping progress using the tracking information provided. 

How long does it take to receive my order once my item has been shipped? All orders shipped to customers in South Africa should get their products in 10 working days.

My order hasn't arrived yet, but I think it should have by now. What should I do? We suggest giving it a little time- a few days to a week- then contacting the shipper detailed on your confirmation email and if you are still stuck then drop us an email and we will look into it for you.

When will you have more items in stock?

We are diligently working to have our online store fully stocked and our aim is to have 24 - 30 items per style listed at all times. We take individual photographs of all our online products to ensure that you get the actual product that you have purchased. So, if you see something you like, buy it quickly because there will never be another one quite like it again.

How will I know when new items are in stock? You can check back on the website periodically, sign up for email alerts on the website for each item you are waiting for, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We'll make announcements weekly about new products, restocked items, and plans for the store. 

Are you taking custom orders? No, not at this time. We hope you find something you love on our site! 

Do you accept returns or exchanges? If you purchased a product directly from us and you are not satisfied for any reason, return it to us, unused and in the condition you received it, within 30 days and we will issue a refund for the purchase price of the product. Sealand Gear products that are purchased from a retail outlet should be returned to the original place of purchase.

Help, my bag is broken and its not my fault! What do I do? If your bag has a manufacture or material fault we will do our best to repair the bag as quickly as possible. You will need to ship the faulty product to us at your cost and we will repair and ship back to you at our own cost.

My bag has marks on it and seems a little dirty, is this normal? Yes, this is normal! Some of our materials have been used for years in their first life while others have been lying in a dust pile somewhere that tends to roughen them up a little. We do our best to wash out all the grime but most of our products will arrive in the post with their previous life’s markings! Enjoy it, its part of the appeal.

My bag has transferred colour onto my t-shirt, is this normal?
Due to the upcycled nature of our materials, there will occasionally be colour transfer from the bag material. We try our utmost to check all material that comes through, but sometimes there are small areas where the colour has not been properly fixed, and through friction these areas can transfer their pigment. While the product (particularly if it is a dark colour) it is still really new, we recommend testing areas that come into heavy contact with your body by rubbing a white cloth over the area, back and forth around ten times, and seeing if any colour comes off onto the cloth. This would be an indication as to whether it would be safe to wear a light-coloured t-shirt. Colour transfer is not a permanent fault in the product, once the affected area has released the unfixed pigment, the colour will not continue to transfer. Should you have a particularly severe case of transfer, please email us on info@sealandgear.com and we will assist you with a way forward.

Are your products vegan? Yes, our bags are vegan. We use no leather or animal derivatives in the making of our bags and apparel.