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Sealand Pattern Maker

Company name

Sealand Gear


Pattern Maker

Closing date

20th July

Employment Period

3 month probation - Permanent 

Contact person

Liz - 

Company description and background

History: Rooted in Cape Town’s southern peninsula where mountains and ocean so vividly connect, Sealand was born with a conviction of keeping the environment front and centre alongside inspired functional designs and longevity. Smart material selection, compelling functionality and product durability are all palpable features of what we make.  Our start-up team lives the Sealand brand with combined passions for business, for the wondrous outdoors, for life.  

Industry: Upcycled & Recycled Bags & Apparel

Our Purpose: Together, we are the creative minds and fabrication specialists behind Sealand Gear, bringing inspired design in upcycled material texture combinations from the drawing board to the rack. Sealand creates environmentally smart high-end Bags, Accessories and Apparel. We reuse the structural properties and textures of waste material in a new context while mitigating the generation of waste and promoting sustainability. We try to play our part for the environment and by supporting us you do too.

Our Organizational Structure: Startup up culture of a Managing Director and a Creative Director, followed by a group of Leaders that look after each department, namely Sales, Design, Retail, Marketing, Production, Stock & Finance. We then have a full studio crew that handmakes  all our products in house. 

Application process: Please send your CV to with a short cover letter stating why you wish to work at Sealand and a summary of your experience.


We are looking for a passionate and confident individual with at least 3-5 years experience in relevant industry as a pattern maker. Ability to work without supervision and is self-motivated. A people person who can work well with machinists and other team members. Computer literate with high organizational and systematic skills.

  • Patterns
    • 1.1. Development - creating and executing to specification
    • 1.2. Refinement - revising all current styles and updating all specifications 
    • 1.3. Maintenance - of all patterns and specifications 
    • 1.4 Storage - accessible storage with correct inventories
  • Samples
    • 2.1. Development - Patterns, notes, instructions, cutting sheets and physical sample development
    • 2.2. Production - Sealand samples and custom samples with regards to embroidery markers and approval of sample 
    • 2.3. Maintenance - management and maintenance of samples 
  • Production 
    • 3.1. Sample Production - managing of pre production samples 
    • 3.2. Production Training - Production manuals, briefing to production team
    • 3.3. Production Efficiency - Improvements on design based on pre production feedback
    • 3.4. Outsource Preparation and Production - Patterns, Instructions, Markers, BOM, Production Pack 
    • 3.5. Reject repurposing plan - innovative waste and reject panel usage 
    • 3.6. Quality control- review and analyze return data
  • Admin
    • 4.1. Updating tech packs and files relevant to patterns and samples
    • 4.2. Filing maintenance
    • 4.3. Design Department Maintenance


    • Strong Environmental Focus
    • Family Oriented
    • People First

    Employment Perks

    • Training & Development
    • Mentorship
    • A chance to create your own space and grow in this fast growing, fun and dynamic environment
    • Adding value to the design studio to ensure a strong working team

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