Ulfah Davids

Ulfah Davids

Ulfah is our Design Lead at Sealand. You will often see her in the design room cutting patterns, developing samples, and most of the time showing those around her images of her cats on her phone. She got her degree in fashion design and she is soon to do her Masters which will focus on gender-neutral clothing. She started her career as a Creative Director of a local clothing brand called ‘Two Bop’ and this inspired her love for product development. Seeing a product being made from scratch and ending up as the final product, knowing she had played a role in it, is all the inspiration she needed to know she was in the right field. 

She loves her four cats - Lemon, Beetle Juice, Eli Cash, and Ru Paul. She is also a major sneakerhead, her favourite brand being Nike (Airforce 1’s are her favourite at the moment, but it changes all the time). She also has a deep love for food and says she would spend her last cent on good food. 

Most days you will see Ulfah in a full-black outfit, but don’t let her fool you, her favourite colour is pink. She also loves the ocean, and she says that is due to her being a Cancerian meaning she is ‘one with the sea.’


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