Why Tasindo?

Why Tasindo?
by: Jasper Eales, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sealand
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Tasindo, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, is an accredited Bluesign bag manufacturer renowned for crafting top-tier bags for various globally esteemed premium brands. The Bluesign certification is exclusively granted to products or manufacturers that adhere to the utmost environmental and social standards. The Bluesign partner network is dedicated to eradicating harmful substances and practices from the entire supply chain, making Tasindo an ideal partner for Sealand.
Since 2015, Sealand has consistently prioritised conducting business at the local level whenever feasible. This commitment remains unwavering, given our roots in Africa. Nevertheless, Sealand harbours global ambitions encompassing quality, sustainability, and durability. To achieve the pinnacle of product excellence, certain aspects necessitate us to explore international opportunities and ensure a well-balanced approach.

The Wheelie Bag

Since our establishment, our customers have consistently requested one product - an upcycled duffel bag with wheels. Despite numerous attempts to produce this locally, we realised that certain products demand specialsed manufacturing to meet the gold standard we aspire to and that our customer base demands. This marks the introduction of Tasindo into the Sealand narrative. Tasindo remains committed to utilising upcycled Poly Twill (from advertising banners) for the inner lining and utilising our proven ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon for the outer. Ensuring the Wheelie Bag is crafted from nearly entirely sustainable materials.
Tasindo not only uses advanced manufacturing techniques for our current needs but also has the globally recognised certification for sustainable manufacturing required by Sealand's Supplier Code of Conduct. Tasindo holds certifications such as Bluesign, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001, demonstrating compliance with stringent standards. Notably, they have made substantial carbon reductions through solar energy utilisation and continuously enhance their sustainability credentials. We have confidence in their ability to produce top-quality gear by combining the established Sealand approach with their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, all underpinned by our shared ethos.
Sealand is deeply rooted in sustainability, and as our journey progresses, we acknowledge the imperative to enhance, expand, and certify our credentials with our business growth. In pursuit of this objective, we've set a goal to attain B-Corp certification – an esteemed global recognition in the sustainability realm established by Yvon Chouinard, the visionary behind Patagonia and a figure we greatly admire. Achieving this milestone is no small task, and over the past 24 months, we have diligently worked towards this aim, aspiring to realise it by early 2024.
Tasindo presents the sustainability qualifications acknowledged by B-Corp, a distinction unfortunately absent in any of the bag manufacturing facilities in South Africa. While certifications hold significance, our focus in South Africa centres on genuine and transparent manufacturing, ensuring fair wages and comprehensive respect throughout the production cycle. We persist in exploring innovative avenues both locally and internationally, guided by our honest and authentic brand values. Maintaining transparency, we remain committed to continuous improvement, striving always to craft the finest products possible.
Kind Regards,
Jasper Eales

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